Donnerstag, Oktober 02, 2014

England: Soziale Dienste entschuldigen sich dafür, dass sie nicht mit Vätern sprechen

Social services have apologised for a culture of failing to tell fathers about their children’s welfare.

A father, whose seven-year-old daughter lives with her mother, complained that East Sussex Social Services failed to notify him about his child’s welfare and that social workers had shown bias towards her mother.

After an internal investigation, officials admitted there had been a "considerable delay" in contacting the father and there was "a culture of staff not talking to dads" which was accepted as "poor practise".

Children’s Services investigated the girl’s welfare after police were called to deal with her mother on a number of occasions. But social services did not contact her father for almost two months, by which time the girl had been interviewed and an assessment made about her welfare.

Wenigstens entschuldigt man sich in England noch dafür ...

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