Mittwoch, August 27, 2014

Männer, die Mittel zur Verhinderung von Vergewaltigungen erfanden, unter feministischem Beschuss

Vier männliche Collegestudenten haben einen Nagellack erfunden, mit dem eine Frau sogenannte "Vergewaltigungsdrogen" wie Rohypnol in ihrem Getränk erkennen kann. Alles, was sie dazu zu tun braucht, ist, ihren Finger in das betreffende Getränk zu halten. Wenn ihr Nagellack dabei die Farbe wechselt, stimmt etwas nicht.

Nun wird seit einiger Zeit schon diskutiert, ob die Angst vor solchen Drogen nicht stark übertrieben ist. Aber viel bemerkenswerter ist, dass die Männer für ihre Erfindung sofort unter feministischen Beschuss gerieten. Darüber berichtet jetzt eine feminismuskritische Bloggerin:

How cool is it that these four guys care enough about women that they have spent their time coming up with a product that can actually help women look out for themselves in a way that hasn't been possible before? (...) When one of them was asked why they created the nail polish, the response was, "All of us have been close to someone who has been through the terrible experience, and we began to focus on preventive solutions, especially those that could be integrated into products that women already use. And so the idea of creating a nail polish that detects date rape drugs was born."

That makes me totally want to hug all of them. And naturally, it makes liberal feminists furious.

Yeah. According to that sourcelink, a product like this isn't revolutionary. It's one that will "delude you into believing you're 100% safe from sexual violence." The Executive Director of Feministing, who penned the column, counters (totally paraphrasing), "But but but ... date rape drugs aren't even used that often to facilitate sexual assault! MEN ARE PIGS!"

Her point, it seems, is that it's more often just plain old alcohol that is used in drug-facilitated rape. And she thinks that this nail polish will give women a false sense of security. So, her next question is obviously, "Do you have any plans to donate the profits to help protect the remaining 18% of women who will get raped in their lifetimes?"

This is her Actual Expectation, you guys. I'm sorry, but that chick is a total BEYOTCH for even asking that question. Instead of complimenting these gentlemen for caring about women, for using their skills to create a product like this, she berates them about their expected profits.

And she doesn't stop there. She says,

"Is your product free? Will if be universally available in bars and on college campuses? What if I’m interested in ensuring not only my safety but also the safety of all the other women who have not heard about — or cannot afford to buy — your nail polish? Do you recommend that I just purchase a bulk order and set up a nail-painting table outside my local bar? Can you provide some advice for how to discreetly ask strangers if they’d like me to stir their drinks as well? If your product becomes popular, won’t drink-spikers just learn to target the drinks of nail polish-free women? Will you have a clear polish to avoid this problem?"

You don't even know how much I want to use the c-word right now.

She is exactly the reason the word "feminist" has become so off-putting to so many people, particularly women. Women like us, for example, look at these guys and admire them for their compassion, their entrepreneurialism, their empathy towards women who've been victims and women who might BE victims someday. And this chick just wants to tear them down. For the love of Pete, WHY?

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel. Die darin kritisierte Feministin war allerdings nicht die einzige, die sich über diese Erfindung empörte. Das erfährt man aus einem weiteren, deutlich kürzeren Artikel: Feminists Say Roofie-Detecting Nail Polish Is Actually Also Rape Culture.

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