Sonntag, Mai 10, 2015

"Überraschung! Studentin, die bewaffnete Vergewaltigung behauptete, ist Polizei zufolge Lügnerin"

Der Tonfall der Berichterstattung über ständig neue Falschbeschuldigungen wird immer sarkastischer. Es gibt allerdings auch Grund dazu. Selbst nachdem sich ihre Behauptungen als Falschbeschuldigungen herausstellten, ist die betroffene Studentin aus Sicht der Universität immer noch "Opfer-Überlebende":

The case is no longer a sexual assault case, school officials explained. Instead, it’s "a student crisis intervention case." The freshman student is now deemed "in crisis" and needs "professional assistance," a university police spokesman suggested on Thursday.

The University of Minnesota will not say if the unidentified student has changed her story. That information falls under confidentiality laws, officials insist.

"Our priority right now is on providing the support to this student that she needs," police department supervisor Pam Wheelock told the Star Tribune.

Another University of Minnesota official, Katie Eichele of the Aurora Center, "a safe and confidential space" for victims of sexual assault, suggested that no one should judge the unidentified student who made the armed rape allegations police don’t believe.

"The victim-survivor is the most important person in all of this, and supporting what it is they’re going through and what they may want in the process," Eichele told the newspaper.

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