Sonntag, Mai 10, 2015

Philip Zimbardo: Abwesende Väter und feminisierte Schulen führen Jungen in die Krise

Philip Zimbardo, einer der weltweit bekanntesten Psychologen, widmet sein neuestes Buch der Jungenkrise:

The book, by Zimbardo and his co-author Nikita D Coulombe, is about why boys don’t man up as previous generations of males ostensibly did.

They argue that, while girls are increasingly succeeding in the real world, boys are retreating into cyberspace, seeking online the security and validation they can’t get anywhere else. They are bored at school, increasingly have no father figures to motivate them, don’t have the skills to form real romantic relationships, feel entitled to have things done for them (usually by their parents) and seek to avoid a looming adulthood of debt, unfulfilling work and other irksome responsibilities. As a result, they disappear into their bedrooms where, he argues, they risk becoming addicted to porn, video games and Ritalin.

No wonder, Zimbardo argues, popular culture teems with moodles (“man poodles”) or infantilised jerks (think: Jackass, Failure to Launch, Step Brothers, Hall Pass and The Hangover series), devoid of economic purpose, emotional intelligence, temperamentally unable to commit or take responsibility.

"Man poodles"? Einer der bekanntesten Psychologen der Welt hat das Phänomen der "lila Pudel" entdeckt? Wow.

Der britische Guardian berichtet ausführlich.

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