Sonntag, Mai 10, 2015

"Darum helfen wir Männer Frauen nicht mehr"

Der Fall eines Australiers, der von einer Frau auf Facebook fälschlich als Pädophiler gebrandmarkt wurde, hat Folgen – zunächst einmal für ihn persönlich:

He said he was horrified that his image had been shared thousands of times and he had been called a "creep" and a "sex offender". He said he has also had death threats on Facebook.

(...) Disturbingly he said someone on the street shouted out to him “sicko” when he walking to enter the police station.

"I fully expected to come home to find my house torched or something worse," he said.

(...) He said he was just a “normal, decent family man” who now felt worried to leave his house.

(...) "I feel like I can’t even look at anyone or smile at them in public now. It’s frightening."

Aber auch andere Männer Australiens berichten jetzt, welchen Einfluss die Kultur der Männerfeindlichkeit auf ihr Verhalten hat:

His thoughts were echoed by many of our readers as the story was shared thousands of times.

"This is why men are no longer helping women out," said reader Steven, who is now wary of helping children in public.

"I had a toddler fall at my feet at the local shopping centre and I started to bend down the help the poor kid up, I got the worst death stare from the ... mother," he said.

"So I backed off & left (the child) there sprawled on the ground with its ice cream smeared all over the floor, and it was crying inconsolably ... I won’t be pausing to help ever again," he said.

Alan said: "I was at a Woolies checkout and a female child of about 9 - 10 yrs old was looking at me from another checkout 3 down and started to smile at me as I looked in her direction.

"Yes, I smiled back and the mother immediately looked at me as if I was some sort of child molester. Can you believe that she followed me around the shopping centre and even out to my car. Don’t know if she took my pic or other details, but it sure made me feel uneasy. I’m a friendly 60 yr old male so it must be assumed that I am a pervert or worse."

Craig commented: "I, as others have mentioned, will not help out women or children because of this. What a shockingly sad world we now live in. Everyone for themselves and trust no one".

Since the story was posted on Facebook it has been shared more than 100 times, with hundreds of comments.

Dominic Nixon posted on Facebook: "And people wonder why there are no male primary school teachers ...".

Chris, on Facebook, said: "I was at the park with my grandchild, girl falls of the swing next to me no way I was picking her up. Sad, sad world."

Dean said: "Men are guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of many women today and I hope the guilty hang their head in shame."

Melbourne dad Clint Greagen, who blogs at Reservoir Dad, said it was at the back of his mind when he was out and about with his children, and alone about how be was perceived by other people.

"You tend to try and give a smile or a nod so that you don’t come across as looking creepy," Mr Greagen said.

Mr Greagen said it was often negative stories that were shared thousands of times on social media.

"Maleness in itself is not a crime or an illness of something we have to fight against," Mr Greagen said.

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