Dienstag, April 28, 2015

USA: Kolumnistin bezweifelt Erfolgsaussichten klagender Studenten

Warum sie die Chancen von Studenten, sich gegen unfaire Behandlung nach Vorwürfen sexueller Gewalt zu wehren, niedrig einschätzt, erklärt die Kolumnistin Megan McArdle in einem aktuellen Artikel. Ein Auszug:

These cases would have a better shot of prevailing if they could make a case that there is systematic discrimination against large numbers of accused men. But the system is explicitly designed to prevent that, with confidentiality rules that make it impossible to do the sort of broader statistical analysis that could show a pattern of discrimination against men. Campus anti-rape activists often praise the university systems for being more accommodating to rape victims, and keeping the proceedings private. These features, however, mean that they can turn into a star chamber, with no way to know whether men are being treated differently, or fairly, unless one of them decides to spend a lot of time and money suing the school. Which the system also discourages, because the lack of broad information makes it hard to win that lawsuit.

McArdle räumt allerdings ein:

But perhaps winning the suit is not the point. I wonder if many of the men in question aren't simply rebelling against the system, determined to get their side of the story on the record somewhere -- for much the same reason that Sulkowicz said she filed a complaint against Nungesser. He can't silence her, and he shouldn't have that power. But he can force the media to pay a little attention to his side of the story, something that didn't happen during the many long months of Sulkowicz's campaign to name and shame him.

Eine Welle von Gerichtsverfahren nur mit dem Ziel, dass unsere Medien vielleicht etwas weniger vorverurteilend, einseitig und männerfeindlich berichten? Weit ist es gekommen.

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