Dienstag, Februar 03, 2015

USA: T-Mobile wegen männerfeindlicher Reklame in der Kritik

Ein am Wochenende von T-Mobile in den USA ausgestrahlter Werbespot enthält neben einigem anderen Klamauk eine Szene, in der eine Hebamme der Mutter eines Neugeborenen mitteilt: "I'm sorry, it's a boy". Obwohl derartige Männerfeindlichkeit inzwischen so sehr Alltag ist, dass sich die meisten von uns längst daran gewöhnt haben, können sich andere immer noch darüber empören. So etwa die Publizistin Leslie Eastman:

It was a real piece of #WarOnMen propaganda.

As a mother of a son, who is a 100% all-boy alpha male that I have been delighted to raise as such, I was appalled by the crass anti-maleness of the statement. Let’s play a game of substitution, shall we?

Pan right, and have Silverman’s character whisper, “I’m sorry, it’s a girl.”

The blow-back from NOW and all the other elite feminist groups would have been of Category 5 Hurricane proportions, with the T-Mobile executives dutifully making the rounds to all the talk shows on their apology tour. After a vitriolic social media campaign in which the participants would be likened to Boko Haram rapists, the company would have been compelled to donate millions to girls’ educational programs and the feminist organizations leading the charge. Finally, the feminist activists would not have been satisfied until all parties involved in that commercial were brought to tears, like Dr. Matt Taylor (the comet scientist in the iconic shirt).

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