Mittwoch, August 27, 2014

Riesen-Aufregung über "Sexismus" bei Emmy-Verleihung

Beyoncés Selbstinszenierung als überzeugte Feministin (Genderama berichtete) wurde gestern durch einen von der Schauspielerin Sofia Vergara ausgelösten (Pseudo-)Skandal bei der Verleihung der "Emmys" für brillante Fernsehserien in den Schatten gestellt. Mollie Hemingway berichtet und kommentiert:

Guys, guys. Seriously. You won’t believe this. So on Sunday night, Beyoncé had a 15-minute medley performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. It was what you’d expect from Queen Bey these days — a stage full of back-up dancers in "naked stripper" costumes gyrating on strip poles, one of the most amazing collections of derrières I have ever seen, songs about performing oral sex in the back of a limo, a song about having a guy "tear that cherry out" (complete with the word "cherry" in big letters as the backdrop), a song that tells women who don’t respect Beyoncé sufficiently to "Bow Down Bitches," S&M themes, intimate acquaintance with much of Bey’s crotch — you know, the usual. I mean, it wasn’t totally usual in that Beyoncé’s toddler child was in the audience to witness all this dry-humping and simulated getting-down, but other than that, your typical Beyoncé. I say this as someone who enjoys Beyoncé but might risk a visit from Saturday Night Live’s Beygency, the group that kills people insufficiently devoted to Queen Bey.

But in the midst of this performance, there was a little sermonette about "Feminism," illustrated with the helpful prop of "FEMINIST" in big letters at the back of the stage. And the media completely ate it up. Many thought it inspiring and praised it to high heaven. I wrote that it was utterly hilarious that a cry for feminism took place between the strip club vignette and the "Bow Down" song. When I was interviewed about that piece, I said that feminism right now is an incoherent mess of double standards. Little did I know how right I was.

Not 24 hours later there was another awards show. The Emmys.

Hier geht es weiter.

Siehe dazu auch: The most absurd feminist outrage at Vergara’s pedestal gag. Und ja, es gibt auch deutsche Artikel zu dieser Debatte, etwa Sofia Vergara: Sexismus-Vorwürfe sind lächerlich.

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