Samstag, Juni 21, 2014

Christine Sisto: "Die Männerrechts- und die Frauenbewegung sollten heiraten"

Die für nächstes Wochenende angesetzte internationale Männerkonferenz in Detroit sorgt weiterhin dafür, dass die Männerbewegung in den verschiedensten Medien diskutiert wird. So auch von der Journalistin Christine Sisto, deren Position zu empörtem Kreischen und Haareraufen unter Maskulisten ebenso wie unter Feministinnen führen dürfte. Sisto argumentiert:

As I have stated previously, I consider myself a feminist because I believe that men and women should be equal in the eyes of society and the law. Like many conservative feminists, I find myself at best disillusioned and at worst insulted by the liberals who dominate the current feminist movement. And I’m beginning to think the men’s-rights and feminist movements should get married. If feminists really want equality between the sexes, then they should have no problem with men pointing out the areas in law and society where they are treated unfairly.

(...) Discussion about MRA is popular on Reddit, and most reporters who cover the movement will refer to r/TheRedPill, a pick-up-artist thread that is very hateful towards women. However, the thread r/MensRights is much more reasonable. This week, a post with the most "upvotes" argued that the movement had to focus more on men, and less on criticizing feminists. The post had more than 350 comments, almost all in agreement.

A Voice for Men and other MRA websites do seem to focus all of their energy on hating the feminist movement. But some, like the National Coalition for Men, focus on real issues that men face.

(...) Someone needs to stand up for men, and feminists (understandably) won’t do so because their concern is for women. Men need their own movement.

The men’s movement, as it stands now, is not sophisticated enough to have an impact akin to the impact that feminism continues to have. But both are working toward the same goal of equality between the sexes. Maybe men’s-rights activists need their own Gloria Steinem figure (George Steinem?) to unify the movement and spread the word. As long as men’s rights continues to be the awkward, nerdy, younger cousin of feminism, some important issues will go unaddressed.

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