Samstag, August 03, 2013

US-Männerrechtler besorgt über politische Indoktrination an deutschen Schulen

Morality is pretty clear-cut in German classrooms. There’s an approved list of evil, which includes racism, xenophobia, right-wing politics, sexism (i.e. sexism against women), pollution, and climate change. There’s an approved list of good, which includes egalitarianism, democracy, tolerance (except for support of anything in the above list or criticism of anything in this list), moderate left-wing politics, and environmentalism.

And now, increasingly, pupils are taught to associate men with the first list and women with the second. The latest in a long list of attempts to demonize men is an article by Barbara Morawec entitled "Ist der Klimawandel ein Mann?" ("Is Climate Change a Man?"). Responsible for this text is the German State Institute for School Quality and Education Research. The text is not intended for critical discussion, but is just supposed to be used to test reading comprehension. Pupils read the text and then have to answer questions about it.

Hier geht es weiter.

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