Samstag, August 17, 2013

Falschbeschuldigungen: "Sowas passiert ständig, der Fall ist für uns erledigt"

Ein knapper Nachrichtenartikel illustriert wunderbar, wie Behörden mit falschen Beschuldigungen in Sachen Vergewaltigung umgehen:

It didn’t take the Rexburg Police Department long to find that a 20-year-old woman’s rape complaint was actually a consensual encounter. An investigation revealed that the woman had consensual sex, but had an attack of conscience and told roommates it was rape.

She contacted the Rexburg Police Department, which then investigated the claim. After interviews of the woman and roommates, it was revealed that she wasn’t truthful to the roommates, said Capt. Randy Lewis.

Lewis said this is not an uncommon occurrence in Rexburg. "We run into that all the time," he said.

The woman won’t face any charges for making any false claims, and police consider the matter closed.

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