Samstag, August 03, 2013

"Es ist Zeit, die Stigmatisierung von Männern zu beenden"

Im liberalen Frontpage Mag beschäftigt sich Professorin Janice Holden mit der männerfeindlichen Kultur der Gegenwart:

Attending the opera in Ottawa a few months ago, I had the kind of experience that once galvanized women to speak out against the sexist put-downs that passed for humor in an earlier era. This time, however, the putative humor was at the expense of men.

“Please silence anything in your possession that may be annoying to those around you,” said our host, an affable radio personality with Canada’s public broadcaster, “That includes cell phones, other electronic devices, your husband …” An approving chuckle ran through the crowd.

How times have changed. Forty years ago, a few stalwart feminists might have walked out of the auditorium to express their (justified) annoyance at gender discrimination if the wife had been the annoying appendage to be silenced. Now the feminists in the audience made no noticeable protest.

So unquestioned is the anti-male animus of our time that the only pain considered worthy of attention or collective action is women’s pain.

Hier geht es weiter.

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