Montag, August 17, 2015

Universität Alaska erklärt, wie leicht man beweisen kann, das Sex einvernehmlich war

The University of Alaska just adopted a new "affirmative consent" policy for sex between students.

That’s not new – the "yes means yes" standard, with its practically insurmountable burden of proof on accused students, is enshrined in California and New York law and common on college campuses.

Here’s what’s notable about Alaska’s version: A member of the working group that devised the policy has basically given every student an easy-to-remember routine to follow in their sexual activities that, if later questioned about an incident, they can cite as irrefutable evidence of their partner’s consent, at least to begin.

Hier geht es weiter. Vielen Männern wäre einiges erspart geblieben, wenn sie diese einfache Technik gekannt hätten.

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