Mittwoch, August 26, 2015

Australien: Wie sich ein Politiker feministischen Harpyien entgegenstellt

Im australischen Daily Telegraph befasst sich Miranda Devine mit unserem Zeitalter des "Ohnmachts-Couch-Feminismus" und einem linken Politker, der sich auch von den übelsten Attacken aus diesem Lager nicht einschüchtern lässt:

We are under attack from the patriarchy, hostage to a rape culture, all at risk of domestic violence, held down by the glass ceiling, and not paid as much as men for equal work.

Pity none of this is true, and in fact women in Australia have more freedoms and equality than at any time in our history.

So when a brute alpha male like Mark Latham, the maverick former Labor leader, stomps through the cosy media consensus to slay these lies, the entire apparatus of victim feminism rises up against him.

He gives back twice as good as he gets, and so the professional offenderati who gathered at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival on Saturday to hear him talk got the vapours when he peppered his home truths with foul-mouthed aggression.

(...) The left feminist establishment views him as an affront. Men just have to cop being labelled misogynists, killers, rapists, perpetrators of domestic violence, without complaint.

If they retaliate they are insane and violent, and the vitriolic warrior women who have been baiting them suddenly become cowering victims of oppression, meek and fragile mothers trying to buy hot chocolates for their children.

Destroying Mark Latham is the symbolic triumph of grievance feminism over common sense and basic fairness. The double standards and hypocrisy are absurd.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel.

Die Australian Labor Party, deren Vorsitzender Latham war, gehört der Sozialistischen Internationale an und stellte von 2007 bis 2013 die australische Regierung.

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