Samstag, Juli 04, 2015

Psychology Today zweifelt an These von frauenfeindlichem Wissenschaftsbetrieb

Yet while many female grad students opt-out of the academic career track early on, (especially within the life sciences) evidence suggests that once women are in the pipeline, they are likely to persist. And in a paper from Williams and Ceci recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), it was found that in controlled experiments, tenured academics had a shocking 2:1 bias for preferring hypothetical female job applicants over identically qualified mail applicants.

(...) Fifteen years ago Gottfredson said that "if you insist on using gender parity as your measure of social justice, it means you will have to keep many men and women out of the work they like best and push them into work they don’t like". And Kleinfeld, declared:

We should not be sending [gifted] women the messages that they are less worthy human beings, less valuable to our civilization, lazy or low in status, if they choose to be teachers rather than mathematicians, journalists rather than physicists, lawyers rather than engineers.

Fifteen years later, perhaps it's time we listened.

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