Donnerstag, Juli 02, 2015

Neue Studie: In wirtschaftlich harten Zeiten bevorzugen Eltern ihre Töchter

Eine der vielen Erkenntnisse, die so schnell nicht in den Genderstudien thematisiert werden dürften, da sie der These von der patriarchalen Unterdrückung Hohn spricht:

In tough economic times, parents financially favor daughters over sons, according to researchers at the Carlson School of Management and Rutgers Business School. Their study, forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Research, found participants preferred to enroll a daughter rather than a son in beneficial programs, preferred to give a U.S. Treasury bond to a daughter rather than a son, and bequeathed a greater share of their assets to female offspring in their will when they perceived economic conditions to be poor.

"Almost all parents say that they don’t favor one of their children over another, but economic recessions subconsciously lead parents to prefer girls over boys," said Rutgers professor of marketing Kristina Durante, lead author of the study.

(...) "These findings in humans align well with the behavior of other animals," adds Professor Vladas Griskevicius of the Carlson School. "When resources are scarce parents prefer females because they have a larger reproductive payoff. Almost every female child will produce some offspring, but many male children end up having zero offspring."

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel.

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