Montag, Juni 15, 2015

Indien: Polizisten wissen nicht, wie sie mit betrunkenen Autofahrerinnen umgehen sollen

Neues vom Frauen unterdrückenden Indien:

When high-profile lawyer Janhavi Gadkar rammed her Audi into a taxi in Mumbai, allegedly causing the death of two people, her blood alcohol level was six times the legal limit.

But police did not arrest her on the spot. Instead, they detained her and arrested her after producing her in a court the next day.

This was one of a growing number of instances involving drunk women, who may pose a danger to themselves and others, wherein policemen were confused about the law governing the arrest of women.

(...) "Especially in cities like Delhi, many women drink and drive just like men do but the repercussions for them are not as severe because of various social issues. A woman is somehow never suspected of mischief. Even at late-night pickets, if you have a woman sitting with you in a car, you are rarely stopped," said Suraj Sinha, a traffic expert working with road accident victims.

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