Montag, Juni 29, 2015

A Voice for Men: Offener Brief an konservative Christen

In einem Offenen Brief an christliche Konservative geht Dean Esmay auf der männerpolitischen Website A Voice for Men zunächst kurz auf das Scheitern dieses Lagers beim Kampf gegen die Gleichberechtigung von Homosexuellen ein:

You lost. You really did. You lost completely and utterly.

Im folgenden Teil seines Textes warnt Esmay die christlichen Konservativen davor, dasselbe Schicksal beim Umgang mit der Männerrechtsbewegung zu erfahren:

I will also note for you something else: there’s this large and growing thing called the Manosphere, of which the large and growing and increasingly influential Men’s Rights Movement is part. No one controls that movement, and that’s a little scary. Have you ever heard that joke about "Organized Baptist" being a contradiction in terms? Yeah. It’s true of the Men’s Rights Movement too. A lot of conservative, religiously oriented guys and girls are here, and they are standing right next to the queers and the weirdos and the beggars and the prostitutes and the tax collectors.

Do you happen to remember who else partied with people like that? While others were busy piously reading from the scriptures and lecturing on immorality while living their own lives of hypocrisy and sin?

Here’s the thing: most MRAs welcome social conservatives with open arms. We really do. We just won’t let you be in charge, and we will not tell you what your itching ears want to hear. We have quite the marketplace of ideas going here, and we will listen to what you say, we will think on it, and if you are right we will say we think you right and if you are wrong we will say we think you wrong.

(...) Now, as I say, you could walk away from all this "Men’s Rights" drivel. Some of you have. I’ve read quite a few snotty, ignorant things by conservatives slamming MRAs. The overwhelming majority of those "conservatives" never even bothered to talk to one of us. I hope you guys realize that by doing this – by slandering people you haven’t even tried talking to on their own terms – you’re quite possibly harming your brothers, your sons. Because your sons are increasingly saying the same things we do. If not aloud to you, then to their friends.

(...) Keep this in mind though: you aren’t going to make conservatives out of most MRAs. But most MRAs – not all but most – will 100% accept conservative and religious MRAs and back you if you have a good ideas. Good ideas can come from all sorts of people.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Offenen Brief. Er verdeutlicht einmal mehr, dass die Lieblingsphantasie des Gender-Lagers, bei Männerrechtlern und Maskulisten handele es sich um eine "rechte" Bewegung, reines Wunschdenken ist. Tatsächlich handelt es sich um eine heterogene Bewegung, die Konservative, Progressive, Liberale und Menschen fernab aller politischen Lager willkommen heißt. Und genau das ist einer der Gründe, weshalb sie den dogmatischen Fundamentalisten und Betonköpfen der Gender-Szene ein solcher Dorn im Auge ist.

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