Sonntag, April 26, 2015

Feministischer Terror der Woche: Protein World

Großbritannien hat inzwischen seine eigene True-Fruits-Affäre. Martin Daubney berichtet:

We live in listless times, when complaining and campaigning have becoming something of a new religion for those whose lives are devoid of any true meaning or worth.

So it is that, in an era when most life-threatening problems have been solved in the West, Social Justice Warriors construct and angrily confabulate new, First World Problems.

It’s become something of a 24/7 Twitter soap opera, an X-Factor for the perpetually offended: a constant, noisy audition to a global network of like-minded Offendotrons who encourage, cajole and reward their noisiest foot soldiers with a buffet of good boy treats in the form of favourites and retweets.

This week, in the latest chapter of this pantomime, the victim-du-jour was Protein World, a hitherto largely unheard of, protein supplement company.

Ten days ago, the British company launched a widespread billboard and poster campaign on the London Underground that saw 74 of the giant Tube ads, and 4000 in-carriage ads, they proved hard to miss.

In it, Australian model Renee Somerfield posed alongside the phrase "Are you beach body ready?"

And it didn’t take the SJWs and feminists long to once again strap in to their high horses and go to war. Soon, the posters were being crudely vandalized to instead read, among other things, "You body is not a commodity".

Central to the protest was the well-aired modern feminist lexicon of "objectification" and "fat shaming" of women.

Soon, a veritable Twitter storm raged. By Tuesday, online feminist magazine Vagenda was encouraging users to tweet in pictures of vandalized posters. By Wednesday, under another defiled poster, they declared, "We love London! F*ck patriarchy!"

Next, despite any reports of real-world incidents, one claimed the ads "purported violence towards women" and by Saturday morning, one emboldened SJW went a stage further, and ominously posted the company’s address on Twitter and encouraged "feminists with hammers" to "smash the patriarchy".

For good measure, he added "@ProteinWorld can burn to the ground for all I care" causing other concerned Tweeters to alert the police and me to contact the SJW for a named, photographed interview – an approach he declined, DMing me, "I’m cautious of doxers. I’d rather you talk to a girl".

At time of writing, the obligatory petition to ‘remove beach body ready advertisements’ has reached 37,984 signatures.

We’ve been here before, of course. Last November lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret pulled their "perfect body" campaign from the store’s shop windows after a meagre 27,000 protesters bullied them into it, leaving observers with the curious conclusion that these campaigners are the agent provocateurs who would never be seen dead in Agent Provocateur.

But, unlike the international lingerie conglomerate, Protein World – a small company of only 18 months existence – has decided to take a stand: they are resolutely refusing to pander to a "vociferous, vocal minority of protesters."

Hier geht es weiter mit dem Rest des Artikels, wo man erfährt, warum es einer Firma nutzt, wenn sie sich gegen derartigen feministischen Terror behauptet, statt ihm nachzugeben.

Bei Fettlogik überwinden kann man über diese Proteste diskutieren. Dieses Blog stammt von derselben Verfasserin wie "Erzählmirnix".

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