Freitag, März 07, 2014

Suzanne Venker: Männliche Studenten sind keine verkappten Vergewaltiger

Suzanne Venker, Mitberünderin der US-amerikanischen Gruppierung Women for Men, spricht sich in einem aktuellen Artikel gegen die Rape-Culture-Hysterie an Hochschulen aus:

I don't know which talking point from this administration is more insulting: the myth that discrimination keeps women from achieving parity with men, or the claim that male rapists lurk on every campus corner waiting to pounce on innocent, unsuspecting young women.

The latter assertion is particularly dangerous. Not only does it lack substance, it serves to broaden the chasm that already exists between women and men. A recent blog at the Guardian describes university life in the UK as "toxic" for women. There's an "insidious" rape culture, writes Jinan Younis: a "world of sexual assault, objectification and harassment."

This environment is purportedly widespread on our shores as well, despite the fact that very few articles cite any statistics to support the idea that campuses are rife with rape. To suggest such a thing is repugnant, for it paints men as evil and dangerous by nature - which they are not.

Inhaltlich dürfte Venkers Artikel Genderama-Lesern kaum etwas Neues bringen. Er gehört zu den Beiträgen, die ich hier verlinke, um zu zeigen, dass das Engagement gegen den Männerhass in unserer Gesellschaft wächst - auch auf weiblicher Seite.

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