Dienstag, November 19, 2013

Am internationalen Männertag das Schweigen brechen!

In der britischen Presse gibt es einen neuen Artikel zum Weltmännertag: Male victims of rape, sexual abuse and depression: Breaking the silence on International Men's Day. Untertitel: "Those who mock today are mocking victims of a viciously gendered society".

Ich zitiere mal eine Passage, die zeigt, wie schwer sich die Linke noch immer mit diesem Thema tut:

The single most common reaction to International Men’s Day among my friends on the political left is always some variation on "I thought every day was International Men’s Day?" Some try to make it about the problems men cause women while others press the pedal for full-blown mockery and derision. Surely they realise that such swipes barely tickle at the men in designer suits who run the banks, the governments and the corporations, while cutting deep at the homeless, the desperate, the suicidal, the young victims of rape and sexual abuse leaving care and going straight to prison. They must feel so proud.

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