Freitag, Juli 05, 2013

Vergewaltigung: Britischer Taxifahrer enthüllt Falschbeschuldigung mit Telefon-App

A woman who claimed a taxi driver sexually assaulted her at knifepoint in his cab has been jailed after he used a recording application on his smartphone to expose her lies.

Astria Berwick, 27, slashed herself in the face with a knife in an effort to convince police that she had been attacked and groped by Mohammed Asif.

The driver was arrested within three hours and taken to a police station in handcuffs.

Hier erfährt man, wie sich die Geschichte weiter entwickelte. (Auch einige weitere britische Medien berichten, jeweils hübsch bebildert, darunter der Telegraph.)

Trotz des verhältnismäßig guten Ausgangs zeigt sich Mohammed Asif dauerhaft traumatisiert:

Traumatised Mohammed said yesterday the allegations had ruined his life, and added: "I have completely changed due to her lies. The ordeal has frightened me. I no longer speak to my passengers. I’m scared to go out. I keep thinking, ‘I just dropped her off. She was just a normal passenger. Why has she done this?"

In einem weiteren Artikel heißt es über die Befindlichkeit Asifs:

"She really has turned my life upside down and I truly wish I can go back to how I used to be, but life is hard at the moment," he said. He now feels "scared" when picking up passengers and will "always pray that the passenger is never a female on her own".

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