Dienstag, Juli 23, 2013

Indien: Eine Frau, die für Männerrechte kämpft

She is an activist with a difference.

Dr Indu Subhash of Lucknow took Bareilly by storm on Sunday as she rooted for the rights of men in the country and advocated formation of a National Men’s Commission.

Her fight against "gender-biased laws" drew massive response from the people here, including women, who volunteered to take up the cause at their level.

"All laws are gender-biased and spoiling the lives of men. There are a number of men who commit suicide as laws, which should ideally be building families, are becoming the reason for their breakdown," said Subhash, a Ph D in women’s studies, addressing a gathering held at Novelty Crossing.

"All laws are meant for protection of women, who are misusing them to harass men. For example, in the case of separation due to ‘irretrievable breakdown of marriage’, women are entitled to get half the share in her husband’s parental property. Is this right?" she asked.

Similar is the story with anti-rape law that, according to Subhash, gives immense power to women to misuse it like the domestic violence and dowry act. "And police are acting as a major tool in the misuse of the law," she added.

Hier geht es weiter.

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