Dienstag, Juli 10, 2012

Nach Todesfällen: New York will jüdisches Beschneidungsritual regulieren

Health officials in New York City are asking for Orthodox Jews to accept a proposed regulation on a circumcision ritual after it has been linked to spreading herpes to infants and causing the deaths of at least two newborns.

The New York City Board of Health wants ultra-Orthodox parents that subject their children to the "metzitzah b'peh” ritual to be forced to sign a consent waiver before the circumcision procedure is performed. The reason, they argue, is that which can be potentially fatal.

While circumcision is considered commonplace in many religions, the specific metzitzah b'peh done by Orthodox Jews has caused concern in New York health officials because it doesn’t end with a simple snip. The health department says that around 20,493 infant boys were involved in the ritual in the month of June alone, which requires the person performing the procedure to orally suck blood from the wound on the boy’s circumcised penis after an incision is made on the foreskin.

Hier geht es weiter.

Aber wäre das nicht "antisemitisch" und "gegen die Religionsfreiheit"? Vielleicht sogar "anmaßend" und "provinziell"? Und überhaupt, vermutlich saugt man schon seit tausenden von Jahren Blut aus dem Penis eines Babys? Wo sind Dieter Graumann und Rafael Seligmann, wenn man sie braucht?

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