Dienstag, November 04, 2008

Großbritannien: Die Zukunft der Arbeitswelt ist weiblich

Statistics compiled by The Sunday Telegraph reveal that women now provide half of recruits and trainees for what were once the traditionally male bastions of medicine, law and the church, while the proportion of women in professions like architecture and veterinary medicine is also rising sharply.

The phenomenon is thought to be the result of girls overtaking boys at school and university, greater expectations among women growing up in the post-feminist age and recruitment practices which encourage and even favour them.

But while young women are finally being allowed to fulfil their potential, there are now fears that increasing numbers of young men are becoming alienated from the world of work and education. (…)

Sue Palmer, the author of Toxic Childhood whose new book The Trouble with Boys will be published in the spring, said the gender imbalance in education had gone too far and threatened to lead to a similar imbalance in the workplace.

She said: "School is becoming increasingly feminised. We have the concentration on coursework in exams, schools becoming more and more risk averse, which is a female trait, and there is less emphasis on the physical, outdoor stuff. Boys are turning off."

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