Samstag, September 29, 2007

"Im Fernsehen sind die Frauen die neuen Männer"

It can't all be coincidence that this season is coming at the end of a summer in which the biggest movie hits have featured dopey, ill-groomed, irresponsible boys who score beautiful high-achieving women and then have no idea what to do once they land them. That's right, we're in Apatowland, baby, where the idea of a male romantic lead now begins with a water bong and ends with a fart joke. This isn't an isolated trend; it seems to be a broad cultural response that speaks to enough people to keep it floating. The shows this fall are not clones of each other: They're written by men and by women; they're geared toward teens and adults; they're comedies and dramas and dramedies. And they all seem to be expressing an anxiety about what on earth is going to happen to American men now that their women are not simply competing at work, sex, friendship, money and politics, but sometimes winning.

Among the degradations about to be heaped on television's men? There are guys whose wives cheat on them, whose girlfriends get promoted over them, whose mates make more money than they do; guys who get left out of baby-making, who date women with penises and at least one who gets anally raped by a monkey.

Dieser Artikel ist nicht nur englisch, er ist auch lang, wird bei jedem Seitenwechsel von Reklame unterbrochen und bezieht sich teils auf amerikanische Sendungen, die ich selbst nicht kenne. Lest ihn also bitte auf eigene Verantwortung. :-) Ich habe ihn hier verlinkt, weil er ein bemerkenswertes kutlturelles Phänomen anspricht, von dem wir auch hierzulande betroffen sind.

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