Samstag, Juli 07, 2007

Erin Pizzey: Wie die Frauenbewegung den Frauen beibrachte, Männer zu hassen

Erin Pizzey ist die Begründerin der Frauenhausbewegung, wandte sich aber bald vom Feminismus ab, weil sie den dort vorherrschenden Sexismus gegen Männer abstoßend fand. Aktuell hat sie wieder einen neuen Erfahrungsbericht online gestellt. Ein Auszug:

All through my career, as a journalist, a writer and a social reformer, I have been hounded and bullied by feminist women and their coat-trailing 'new men.' Any of us who have gone to all girl schools, particularly boarding schools, will verify the awful bullying and violence that goes on amongst the girls. For so many years women were tyrants behind their front doors. They were able to sexually abuse, batter and intimidate their children and their husbands now, with the advent of the women's movement, they moved out into the world. They took their aggressive, bullying and intimidating behavior with them. Talking with the men who were accused of abusing their women, I was aware of this movement with its wild and extravagant claims against men had fueled the flames of insecurity and anger in men. I watched horror stricken, as in home after home, I saw boys denied not only their access to their fathers, but also access to all that was normal and masculine in their lives. Our universities rushed into grasping funding for 'Women's Studies.' ' Gender politics' became the new way to brain-wash women with very little education. By now the Politically Correct movement was beginning to hatch and a new form of 'mind control' was devised. Feminists became the new 'thought police.'

Die Auswirkungen der feministischen Hass-Ideologie auf Männer beschreibt Pizzey als verheerend:

By now the 'new man' was beginning to emerge and he was not a pretty sight. Parroting everything in the woman in his life was teaching, he could usually be found in woman's conferences running the crèches and trying to looking 'caring.' Mostly he was stoned, confused and angry. Maybe because as far as I could see, the new feminists made no effort to share an equal relationship with their male partners. They saw themselves as 'superior beings.' The new men were expected to take their places a few steps behind their women and to do as they were told. Mostly, they had to accept the dictates of the dictators and quietly get on with the household chores and take care of the children. But what ever a new man did, he could never atone for the sins of other men. Any man who disobeyed his partner, was subjected to expulsion from the matrimonial home and in many cases, from a relationship with his children. Now, there were a legion of feminist lawyers and therapists to make sure their 'sisters' were fully supported in the battle to destroy men.

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