Mittwoch, März 14, 2007

Keine Gleichstellung in England: Frauengefängnisse sollen geschlossen werden

Das hier ist zu abgedreht, um es nur in der Kommentarfunktion eines anderen Blogeintrags zu belassen: Weil die britischen Gefängnisse überfüllt sind, ist nun eine Schließung der Haftanstalten für Frauen im Gespräch.

Die “Daily Mail“ berichtet:

Thousands of women currently sentenced to two years or less would escape jail. And those who are such a threat to the public that they must be sentenced to custody would no longer go to one of the country's 15 women’s prisons – which would all close. Instead, killers such as Rose West – serving life for the murder of ten young women and girls – would be sent to "homely" local custody units. There they would be allowed to live as a "family unit" with between 20 and 30 other women prisoners, organising their own shopping, budgets and cooking. The units would also allow them to stay close to their families.

The radical proposals are made by Labour peer Baroness Corston, in a report commissioned by the Home Office. She said there are far too many vulnerable women in jail, many serving short sentences. Instead of being imprisoned, the vast majority of the 4,300 behind bars would be ordered to attend new community centres during the day. They would be given help to kick any addictions they have, and to stop committing crimes such as shoplifting, before returning home at night. All the women's jails would shut within the next decade, and could instead be converted into prisons for men. (…)

Lady Corston, formerly chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, sought to justify the shake-up by claiming custody is "disproportionately harsher" on women. Many female criminals are victims of abuse such as domestic violence, she said. Sending them to jail means they lose their home and children.


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